Welcome to Moncleur Donne!

Life hacking. Its all about making things a little easier. Its about looking at the world around you and not accepting the status quo. There is always a better way to do the mundane. The repetitive can be improved, or even better eliminated. Not sure what i mean? Check out this vid to get the idea:

The best thing about life hacking is that its fun. You can zoom past others who are fixed in their way of thinking and embrace a new way. You can be a trail blazer, an entrepreneur, an innovator. Get a sense of accomplishment from beating the little things that always beats everyone else.

So whether you are using the wrong hand to brush your teeth, wearing red on a first date or just doing the speed limit to get more green lights then this site is for you. Its dedicated to the dreamer, the doer, the one who try something different.

Before we go to far, i must be honest with you, there will be failure. Most people try to hide themselves from it. The true innovators, however, know that is just part of the journey. So buckle up and and enjoy the ride. Monclerdonne is going to take you on journey upwards, for those who like to find the shortcuts in life.